What is the importance of blog marketing

All of us have been reading articles/posts on the web from different sites. Today we are so addicted to information on the web; we keep searching for articles with information we need. The articles or posts that we read are posted at frequent intervals over the web. The website or a page that hosts such articles or posts is called a blog.

A blog is a collection of articles written in an informal style and posted on webpage owned by an individual or an organization. The main idea behind owning and managing a blog is to share knowledge and updates.

If blog is used for marketing purpose, its continuous updation also contributes to search engine optimization. But its major significance lies in building an image of the individual or portraying personality of the organization.

What is Blog Marketing?

Blog marketing is a modern digital marketing tool which is used to connect the business with audience by reaching out to them via knowledge and company updates sharing through creative write ups. It is an interactive form of advertising where readers can comment and share their points of view. Promoting a blog and making it accessible to its audience  in a competitive digital world has given rise to a new area of expertise that is a must acquire for marketers today.

Importance of Blog Marketing

Increases the traffic to the website

The blog gets indexed in the web for keywords and tags used and hence shows up in search results and social media pages, which in turn drives traffic to the website.

Generates leads

The call-to-action button in the blogs helps to create a database of the traffic and helps to create some leads by ways of promotions and sales on the blog.

Creates brand awareness

Blogs portray a sense of vision, standards, and culture of the company. The readers of blog can visualize the personality of the company and can easily connect with its brand image if its resonates with their expectations.

Creates organic traffic

Every time a blog is published, it also provides an option to share. The readers of the blog can share it with others via email, tweets or any form they find suitable. In turn, it creates organic traffic to the website and makes it interactive.

Low marketing cost

Blog can be easily built into the website and maintained for very low cost or zero cost. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most cost-effective marketing tools.

Importance of Blog Marketing in Generating Revenues and Brand Image

Blog marketing has a great impact on revenue generation. The key factors that help generate revenue from blogging are as below.

Shorter sales cycle

Good content easily reduces the sales cycle by 10%. The amount of time taken to close the sales is shortened and hence generates revenue quickly.

Qualified opportunities

Those leads who enquire after engaging with the blog tend to be serious buyers and can immediately be shortlisted as hot prospects.

Open for referrals

Blogging helps in engaging easily and closely with customers creating a lasting relationship. The good relationship helps in bringing referrals and new customers.

Increased revenue

With shorter sales cycles, qualified opportunities and referrals the sales of the company increase and hence bring in more revenues to the company.

Blog marketing helps companies to bond with their audience and establish a deeper understanding and connection much before actual buying happens. As they say rightly, selling essentially is a transference of feelings, and to this we would love to add , via sharing of knowledge and  building of long lasting relationships too.

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