Marketing Innovation | 9 Marketing Trends For 2018

In today’s economy, the marketing sector has been growing rapidly. With the developing Internet technology and rapid evolutions in the digital market, marketing sector is full of opportunities and challenges.

Marketing sector is dominated by means such as mobile, social networking sites, content blogs, video channels, and much more are constantly growing. Data and the technology that powers the growth is into continuous innovation. With rapid innovation, changing technology, and highly demanding customers, there is a lot of variations and high competition.

It is very important to understand the changing trends, adopt innovative techniques, visualize and respond to opportunities, and build a strong communication bridge between the organizations and customers.

There are lots of innovations happening in the marketing. The era of digitalization emphasizes on context centric marketing that will have the most commercial impact. The Marketing activities that create a commercial impact on the business is listed below. The topmost item creating the largest impact.

  • Content marketing
  • Big data
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Social media marketing
  • Mobile marketing
  • Marketing automation
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Search engine optimization
  • Internet of things
  • Online public relations
  • Communities marketing
  • Affiliate marketing and co-marketing
  • Paid search marketing
  • Wearables marketing
  • Display marketing

With the focus on the commercial impact on the business, marketing sector is more concerned about the quality, relevance, and value of the content. The innovation in the marketing is concerned with producing content that amuses and appeal to the customers.  Some of the innovate techniques that appeal to the customer areas below.

  • How-to-Videos
  • Weekly podcast
  • Interactive papers and e-books
  • Customer stories on success and impact

It is important to plan activities that appeal the most to the audience. Innovation is to find new ways to create and publish content that customers want to consume. Thinking on lines of personalization, meaningful content and integration with the latest technologies is the key to innovation.

The marketing sector is predicted to be the fruitful year where the innovative solutions are selected implemented.

9 Marketing Trends for 2018

1. Integrate marketing activities into the customer lifecycle

With the increase in the complexities of marketing increasing over time, the need to map the customer journey with different personas is important. These personas should define the relevant communication and experience for different stages in the customer journey.

To increase the effectiveness of marketing it is important to think from the customer viewpoint.

2. Integrate personalization in customer experience

To increase the relevance and response from customers personalization is the widely used technique. There are different forms of personalization used varying from website personalization, content personalization, content management system and many more.

Availability of the low-cost options with different solutions will drive the trend.  The increase in personalization will be accompanied by artificial intelligence rather than manual rules.

3. Integrate machine learning into the marketing techniques

Use of machine learning provides opportunities to automate the target as in personalization. This technique is widely used in email marketing.  The segmentation and targeting of emails are based on the number of criteria’s.  Machine learning is used to generate technique dynamically.

In order to use machine learning in marketing deploying the fundamental triggered automation features is essential.

4. Integrate social messaging apps to communications

Increasing use of social messaging platforms such as what’s app, Facebook, Instagram, and similar have grabbed the audience and reaches the maximum.

Early adopters of the messaging platforms will benefit the maximum.

5. Integrating video into the customer experience

Videos are gaining popularity compared to the written content. Video content is more appealing, clear and accepted. Reaching customers via videos is the fastest way of marketing communication.

Augmented and Virtual reality is closely knitted with videos and are picking up the pace steadily.

6. Integrate content marketing using customer engagement strategy

Companies treat content as a strategic resource.  Enhancing customer engagement using different media channels to deliver content using persona and content mapping techniques are used extensively.

Customer-centric content techniques are vital to the consumers and business.

7. Integrate search marketing into content marketing

Search marketing is the dominant techniques in the digital market. The innovation trend is a little low in search marketing in comparison to earlier years.  Search marketing emphasizes the importance of techniques such as knowledge panels, related topics, features, FAQs, and similar.

8. Integrate marketing technology into marketing

Using technology tools that facilitate marketing activities is important. Adoption of tools enhances the cope of completing the marketing activities quickly and qualitatively. For example, using tools that collect data, analyses data, generate statistics from the data and that automate marketing activities is required.

Focus on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cloud technologies in developing and adopting marketing tools is gaining momentum.

9. Integrate data sources

With data being generated in enormous quantity at different sources points it is difficult and time-consuming to analyses each source and draws a graph of comparison.

Tools to compare different data sources and intelligence to generate relevant reports for data sources is essential.

It is important to integrate digital media, and technology to increase the contribution to the marketing.

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