how to prevent business ideas from dying

Even game changing ideas die sometimes due to lack of execution plan and team of right people.

Below are the steps we could follow to materialize ideas –


  1. Convert your idea into a project right after it is conceived. Why? Because a project consists of process, list of resources and milestones, which means documentation of every ingredient that can get the idea into action.


  1. Make a business plan. A business plan gives structure to the project, identifies the ecosystem, gives analytics on its feasibility and estimate of results in terms of numbers.


  1. Create ecosystem. Connect with everyone who need to be part of the system and share your business plan with them. Build your ecosystem by bringing everyone on the same page.


  1. Appoint a project manager. Most of the business ideas are not put into action because there is no one to drive them. It doesn’t matter how sound the business plan is, if the execution doesn’t happen, idea is sure to die.  Hence, it is important to appoint a project manager.


The role of project manager is to –

  1. Drive the project by coordinating with the team members
  2. Design and optimize the project tracker
  3. Ensure that the operation is productive and cost effective
  4. Efficiently manage and optimize assets and resources
  5. Ensure that the milestones are achieved and project is delivered on time.



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