how to create brand differentiation

When we have started to walk on the path of building our company from mere a ‘produce and sell somehow’ organization to a ‘brand’ which is a promise made by the company to ‘never let you down’, we come across the question – how to create brand differentiation.

There are following simple and logical steps that we can take towards creating brand differentiation –


  1. Constantly deploying innovative ideas that make every point of touch unique and attractive and then increasing brand engagement.
  2. Deep understanding of the role of our product in the value creation process and addressing it on all channels of communication in an integrated fashion.
  3. Realizing that not every act has to be strategic and for a reason to accomplish something other than ‘making lives simple’. Sometimes, the best strategy is to not have a strategy at all.

  4. Accepting that sometimes not every product has been explained well before and the buyer may just need that extra support to make the right choice.
  5. Starting to make every effort to walk the talk by analyzing – have we done our best – how much value have we created today – how best we can perform tomorrow


In fact, the process of brand differentiation starts right from the moment in which – We make a choice to differentiate ourselves so that we can create value in our own unique way. Why? Because not every company is thinking about brand differentiation!



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