Building A Strong Brand Foundation

Gone are the days when hardcore selling was enough to build a sustainable business. While sales is still a very important function of a business, becoming a brand gives recognition to an organization. Today, before engaging with your business, people give a quick look online to check how and what your business is about. Therefore, when this happens a company should be prepared for what a potential customer sees and perceives about the  company. This is the main reason why one should strategize and execute a branding plan.


But what makes a brand impeccable?


When building a house or a building, the architect stress upon building a strong foundation so that it does not fall apart. Similarly to build a strong and impeccable brand image, a business must first build a strong foundation.


Here are five branding pillars to have in place for building a strong brand foundation:


  1. Story:


Behind every action of man, there is a reason why he does what he does. The same goes for businesses. There is a reason why they started building this business. Maybe there was an unmet need in the market that they wanted to fulfill, or they felt very strongly about an idea or a niche and wanted to convey that to the world. A company should always reflect this in their brand.

Having your story in place means answering some basic questions like what you do? Why you do it? How did you start? What makes you unique? What are you trying to achieve with your brand?

Remember that it needs no specific order – a beginning, middle, and end. If you’ve just started, there might be a lot of things which are yet to be done. As your business grows, your story keeps evolving as well.


  1. Audience:


Before deciding what your brand is going to talk about, one must always have a clear idea of who their brand is going to talk to. One must have a clear analysis of who they want to reach out to, determine the key reasons why you particularly want to target your chosen audience. What do they need that your business has to offer?

Work on how you are going to reach your audience and what is their accessibility status. This lets you decide the channels for promoting your brand. You need to make sure that the channels you are choosing to promote your brand on, leads the road right to your audience.


  1. Positioning:


Now that you’ve decided who your audience is going to be, you need to think of how you are going to position your brand. What is it that you want the people to know and understand from your brand. Prepare a proper positioning statement. Create short specific punchlines that give a hit of the concept behind it to the audience.

Your positioning statement should also talk about the niche your business operates in. A killing positioning strategy puts you in the clear view and people have an undivided focus when talking about your brand.


  1. Content:


After all the planning and strategizing of your branding activities, its time to give the audience a visual of your brand image. The content that you put out into the world should be perfectly aligned with your brand positioning. It should communicate your brand message and story, creatively.

Develop a framework of guidelines to make sure your message and content don’t go in the opposite direction. Branding content should be interactive so that the audience feels that they are a part of the community that you are trying to build.

Rather than selling something through your content, it should be informative. Educate, don’t sell.


  1. Connection:


An effective way to build a strong brand foundation is to evaluate the kind of response that you are receiving from the audience. A business should see how their customers’ response is to the quality of their products or services. A positive response gives a brand its credibility over its competition.

Determine whether customers are choosing other options instead of going for your products or services. If so, your positioning in the market is not unique.

Another type of response that should be given equal importance is the emotional response to your brand. People connect with a brand if it is relevant to them, whether the connection is over a mutual feeling, need or an idea. These should be responded to, to engage them throughout your journey.



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