Marketing Consultancy Services

It is known that success and life of a business depend on the performance of two functions – one is research and development and the other is MARKETING. It is the marketing department that makes sure that the business shapes and remains in that shape as per the needs and wants of the target market. Ignoring the role of marketing would mean ignoring the idea of building a sustainable business and walking towards the exit door. GroVine is a strategic marketing consulting firm in India and offers a comprehensive range of marketing services that will exactly suit your business requirements and help you reach out to your target audience by getting the right marketing mix implemented.

Our marketing consultancy services will help you achieve –

Brand Building/Development
Brand Maintenance
New Customer Acquisition
Reducing Cost via Optimized Marketing processes
Brand Positioning/Creating Brand Image
Brand Promotion
Increasing Sales Volume
Increasing Market Share
Increasing Brand Value
Lead/Enquiry Generation
Creation of Loyal Customers

Marketing Consultancy/Advisory

GroVine as a strategic marketing consulting firm aims to provide best marketing services and help you make a suitable marketing plan to achieve the marketing goals of the company. Our marketing advisory services include conducting marketing audit and give recommendations to help you optimize your marketing efforts, making an exhaustive marketing plan, helping you set up productive marketing processes, establish efficient marketing team and hand holding till the desired results are achieved from marketing efforts. Take benefit from our marketing consultancy services and shoot your business growth.

Contact us and speak to our marketing consultant who will help you analyze results from your current marketing activities and devise strategies to make a systematized marketing plan with list of focused and optimized activities. Explore our marketing consultancy services today!

Marketing Operations Management Outsourcing (MOMO) Services

(outsource entire marketing function)

Consider outsourcing your entire marketing function to GroVine so that you can focus on improving on products and other business activities. With excellent marketing processes in place , GroVine can take care of your marketing operations management, thus giving you the cost saving benefits received from outsourcing  while making sure that you get all marketing skills under one roof.

Strategic Marketing Consulting Firm in India, marketing consultancy services

GroVine’s MOMO services include –

  • Identification of needs/new markets
  • Competition analysis
  • Swot analysis
  • Identification of unique selling point/value proposition
  • Segmenting and targeting potential markets
  • Developing marketing mix
  • Devising communication strategy & plan
  • Sales forecasting
  • Building & managing sales & marketing function – team and processes
  • Creating sales and marketing report along with analysis and recommendations
  • Strategic partnerships facilitation
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Marketing Audit

On-Field Sales & Marketing Team Creation and Management 

(An extended arm for new customer/market development)

What if we tell you that there is an option to reach to new markets and new customers without increasing your fixed cost? GroVine will create, manage and drive a sales and marketing team on GroVine’s payroll to increase awareness about your product and push sales to increase revenue and acquire new customers. Get in touch to know more.

Marketing Strategies & Plan

A sound marketing plan ensures that the target market is well figured, go to the market strategies are well defined, brand differentiation is understood, marketing tools are listed and marketing budget is optimized. Carrying out marketing activities without a marketing plan is similar to investing in stock market when the chances of losing money are too high. It is not only risky for the market image of company but may also result in wastage of budget allocated for marketing activities and loss of business opportunities.

Take benefit from GroVine’s marketing plan making services and get the most cost effective marketing plan for your business.

Integrated Marketing & Communication Services

outsource your marketing & communication function

Consider outsourcing your marketing and communication department to GroVine. Our integrated marketing and communication services include making of a marketing and communication plan, managing the execution of the plan, measuring results, preparing reports and giving recommendations for continuous improvement of processes.

IMC services shall include all online and offline, inbound and outbound marketing activities.

The offline marketing activities covered will be –

  • Public Relations – Press Releases & Conferences/ Community Networking
  • Advertisements – Newspapers/Magazines/TV/Radio/Billboards
  • Sponsorships
  • Speaking Opportunities at Conferences
  • Trade Shows/Seminars – Visiting/Participation
  • Customer User Meets
  • Dealer/CP Meets
  • Roadshows/Seminars
  • Direct Marketing
  • Sales Kit – Brochures, Product Flyers, Success Stories, Company Profile, Corporate Video
  • Customer Feedback Collection & Compilation

The online marketing activities will comprise of all digital marketing activities including –

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • PPC & PPM Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Mailer Campaign
  • Mobile Marketing(Apps, Messenger, SMS)
  • Portal Listings
  • Online Advertisements
  • Blog Marketing
  • Vlog Marketing
  • Podcasts
  • Webinars
  • Analytics & Other

Click here to explore our digital marketing services.

GroVine as marketing consulting firm not only makes sure that a suitable mix of modern and traditional marketing methods are adopted to achieve best results but also keeps the expenditures under check to make the marketing processes cost effective. And all this along with the benefits you get from outsourcing itself.

Business Development 

GroVine’s business development services include exploring/analyzing/facilitating –

  • Opportunities for Brand Promotion
  • Increasing Brand Presence
  • Lead /Inquiry Generation
  • Lead/Inquiry Quality Analysis and Conversion to Order
  • Strategic Tie Ups
  • New Market/Industry Identification & Penetration
  • Cross – Selling Facilitation

Sales & Marketing Training

Sales and marketing team is the bread earner of the company. The more the team is efficient, the higher is the sales revenue generation. GroVine’s sales and marketing training programs ensure that all necessary skills are imparted to the sales and marketing team through interesting and well-designed training workshops. The workshops are technical and cover the fine details of sales and marketing skills that are essential for prospecting, negotiating and closing deals.

Customer Relationship Management

And at the end it’s all about customers. Get in touch to explore how GroVine can help you classify your customers, manage your relationship with them and increase loyal and delighted customer base who happily stick with you for the lifetime.

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