Financial Advisory Service

GroVine aims to provide you best financial advisory services by taking care of all short and long-term financial analysis requirements of your business. Whatever stage of the business life-cycle your company may be in, GroVine can help you with the suitable financial function need of the hour. Our financial services portfolio covers solutions for all sizes of companies including micro, small, medium and large enterprises. We can also support business in its planning stage by providing a detailed profit and loss analysis along with forecasting breakeven point.

GroVine’s financial advisory services portfolio includes:-

Financial Analysis & Planning
  • Balance sheet preparation
  • Analysis of financial statements
  • Trend percentage analysis
  • Ratio analysis
  • Internal and sustainable growth rate calculation
  • Budgeting or profit planning
Long Term Investment Decisions: Capital Budgeting
  • Estimation of costs and benefits of a proposal
  • Accounting profit vs cash flows
  • Taxation and cash flows
  • Treatment of depreciation and cash flows
  • Risk and uncertainty analysis
  • Measurement and analysis of cost of capital
Financing Decision
  • Leverage analysis
  • EBIT – EPS analysis
  • Capital Structure: Cost of capital and Value of the firm
  • Capital Structure: Planning and designing
  • Dividend decision
Management of Current Assets
  • Planning, estimation, calculation and management of working capital
  • Management of cash and marketable securities
  • Receivables management
  • Inventory management
  • Financing of working capital and banking policy
Long Term Finance
  • Domestic and foreign
  • Lease financing
Valuation & Risk Management
  • Valuation of securities
  • Measurement of risks and returns
  • Portfolio management
  • Valuations of futures and options
Mergers, Acquisitions & Take-Overs
  • Financial evaluation of M&As
  • Benefits and cost analysis of M&As
  • Tax aspects and regulatory framework
International Finance Management
  • Analyzing foreign exchange market and managing exchange rates risks
  • Evaluation and selection of type of contract: Options/Futures/Money Market Hedge
  • International investment decisions
  • International working capital management

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