Business Functional Support Services

GroVine can help you build robust support departments to run your day to day business activities. Smooth functioning and effective coordination between these departments ensure that results from daily activities of business operations are well aligned with the short and long-term vision of the organization.

GroVine’s functional support services portfolio includes –

  1. Finance & Accounting Functional Support
  2. Sales & Marketing Functional Support
  3. HR Functional Support
  4. IT Functional Support

Finance & Accounting Functional Support

The finance experts of GroVine can help you run a smooth finance department to ensure that all cash flows are recorded and controlled. You can benefit from GroVine finance & accounting functional support services by opting for either of the two possibilities –

1. Consultancy

GroVine will help you set up team to take care of your finance department, set up work processes, and reporting formats

2. Outsource

You can outsource your finance and accounting function to GroVine. We will take care of your entire finance department right from planning to reporting. We will perform following tasks for you –

  1. Strategic Financial Planning & Analysis
  2. Corporate Strategy(M&As, Newmarket entries etc.)
  3. Treasury & Working Capital Management
  4. Capital Budgeting
  5. Payroll
  6. Reporting & Financial Statements
  7. Financial Controls
  8. Tax & Compliance
  9. Risk Management

Sales & Marketing Support

Sales & marketing department is bread earner department of the company. Click here to read in detail about our sales and marketing services.

HR Functional Support

An organization is held together by its people. The success of a company is largely dependent on how dedicated and effective the human resources are. Employees are the only asset which determines how quickly and how much the business shall grow. Hence, the importance of Human Resources department.

GroVine will help new companies get fully operational effective HR department in either of the two ways –

1. Consultancy

We help you hire your HR team and we provide guidance to set up framework for the department and manage it for you.

2. Outsource

GroVine will provide you with turnkey HR functional support so you don’t need to add to your fixed cost and can focus on your core business activities. The various functional responsibilities that will be taken care of  –


  1. Strategic HR Planning
  2. Recruiting and Hiring
  3. Payroll & Taxes
  4. Benefits & Compensation
  5. Compliance & Protection
  6. Training & Development
  7. Corporate Communication

Right from planning to measuring, analyzing, reporting and recommendations for continuous improvement will be the scope of work of GroVine.

IT Functional Support

One minute of system malfunctioning can result into chaos if the IT function is not performing effectively. GroVine will help you take care of your IT needs by providing you support in any one way that suits your business –

1. Consultancy

We help you hire a team for running your IT department in house and guide them to set up work process.

2. Outsource

You can outsource your IT function to GroVine and our team will take care of your complete IT needs including smooth IT operations, management of IT infrastructure, IT asset management, planning, procurement and project management. The various functional responsibilities of your IT department will be–


  1. Technical Support
  • Network Support
  • System & Server Support
  • Desktop Support    

2. IT Admin

  • IT Procurement
  • IT Helpdesk
  • Application Support
  • Software Support


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