9 Winning Digital Marketing Trends 2017-18

The digital era is running very-fast, adaption to the digital media and content in the society is increasing at the same pace. There are no signs of this milieu slowing down in the nearing days. In this article, we will walk through digital marketing trends that have proven to be successful.

All forms of business B2B or B2C, all sizes of business – large, medium, or small can easily adopt digital marketing and make revenue quickly than expected.

Digital marketing is evolving and taking new shapes every day. All brands and business are required to keep up with this change so that they do not miss the big fish!

The digital marketing trends that would make a powerful impact and increase leads and make way for the growth of new trends or expansion of existing trends is described here.

9 Must Follow Digital Marketing Trends for 2017-18

Consumer Engagements

The sophistication of consumer engagement demands companies to initiate proper customer engagement. Nearly 75% of the marketing activity focuses on converting leads to customers and more than 50% focus on increasing the traffic to the website.

It is recommended to have marketing modules to engage with customers in a promising and convincing manner . Plans on engaging customers should shake hands in areas such as social-media, in-product messaging, promotional offers, customized content, and many other.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the primary digital marketing trends of 2017. It involves forward-vision towards creating and distributing content by utilizing the right channels.It has also been predicted that the entire content marketing revenue generation is going to reach $313.42 billion by 2019.

Content marketing focuses on creating quality content, that builds visibility, improves brand value and helps to get organic links. Content marketing is not just creating random content and trying to target the audience. It is creating personalized or customized content that will target individually; this type of approach is popular as Smart Content. The response percentage of such content is higher than normal generic content.

Some latest content marketing trends are live streaming, virtual reality, augmented reality, email newsletter and storytelling. These act as catalysts for digital marketing growth trend.

Content marketing is all about using right words, performing extensive research, correct ideation, the creation of different forms of content, rigorous editing, setting a social distribution plan, sharing and measuring the final output.

Micro Jiffies

More than 90% of the users look for information while performing different tasks. Probably while traveling, talking to people, while in stores, and so on. With the increase in demand for smart-phones the notion search for anything, anytime, anywhere is becoming more wide and real. Getting right information at the finger-tips anywhere anytime is the wow-factor carrying the wave.

Marketing professionals have to cater to this searching habit of the users at the micro level. Ensuring the user can learn something, do something, discover something, watch something, or buy something at the micro level is certain to be the winning digital marketing trend.

Native Advertising

One of the latest digital marketing trends that are going to flourish more in 2018 is native ads. Native ad headline draws 308x more time of consumers attention than a normal display ad.74% of ad revenue is earned only from native advertising. It is expected that native advertising would generate revenue of $21 billion by 2018.

Any paid content in different platforms suggested posts, in-feed units or promoted listings comes under the umbrella of native ads. Native advertising is the most effective tool for a content marketer to promote a content.

5 necessary steps to create an effective native ad and target the audience is

  • Select the target audience
  • Search the target audience
  • Create quality and smart content
  • Maintain the transparency
  • Optimize the content and the strategy

Benefits of native advertising is as below

  • It improves the reach of the content.
  • It enhances the brand recall value.
  • Its CTR value is much higher than any other form of ad.
  • It is apt for primary targeting.

App Store Optimization

The number of apps will increase further by 2018 and the gaming apps will continue to be the most profitable mobile apps. The total revenue generated from the mobile internet may reach $850 billion by 2018, among which $75 billion will be consumed by consumer apps. App marketplaces have become an integral part of an online shopper’s world.

App Store Optimization has just gained popularity in digital marketing trends. The growing demand for apps and number of traffic flow from mobile has given birth to two completely new concepts Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and Progressive Web App (PWA).

Brands and businesses should have an app that best meets customer requirements. They have to come up with innovative marketing campaigns to make their apps the most sought.

Data Personalization

Data personalization is one of the vital digital marketing trends, that has been adopted by many businesses. It is predicted by 2018 global spending on Big Data hardware, software and services will grow 30% more and will reach a figure of $114 billion.

Data personalization comprises market & customer insights and predictive analytics. It helps to increase the sales by offering experiences and marketing modules personalized to the customer. The one-to-one marketing is becoming the new trend, and in turn, is popularizing Data Personalization strategy.

Video Marketing

People’s interests for video stimulation has increased manifold, so has the demand for live video content. One of the evolving digital marketing trends 2017 is live-video streaming.

Video marketing owns 69% of all consumer traffic; mobile video ads will grow 5 times faster than desktop, and landing pages with videos will lead to 800% more conversion. These numbers are expected to increase more beyond 2018 and marketers cannot ignore this trend at any cost. This is a better way for brands and businesses to connect with their customers and followers in real time.

Catering to Wearable Technology

Digital marketing stats predict that the wearable technology market is likely to be above $9 billion in 2018.

As the number of people using the mobile increases, the demand of mobile website designing is also increasing. Brands and businesses need to develop their websites to suit the needs of the average wearable users. Websites should be optimized for all forms of screens to deliver better user experience.

Social Media Marketing

Every year the social media consumption is increasing, number of social media users will be 2.5 billion by 2018. The concepts of expiring content and much more helps reduce unnecessary clutter enhance the audience attention and introduces a sense of urgency.

The projected ad revenue from Social Media Marketing is said to be

  • Instagram 65%
  • Facebook 13%
  • Twitter 32%
  • Snapchat 155%.

These digital marketing trends will revolutionize the digital age even more and will create opportunities for consumers and marketers. Take advantage of this digital boom and attract the attention of consumers and reel them towards the offer.

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